L.E.T.’s Rise and Shine!


Build Your Inner Light and Let Your Healthy, Happy and Connected Life Shine! 

The answer to nearly all that ails you is free, works fast, proven effective, is innate and right outside your door.

Your body, emotions, mind and spirit all require one thing; above all of the supplements, therapies, modalities and meditations combined!

That’s …Read More

L.E.T.’s Rise and Shine!2023-08-01T15:43:16-07:00

Gun Violence and Mass Shootings in the United States

Gun violence and mass shootings in the United States have unfortunately become commonplace.
Some statistics:
  • 7303 Americans have died in gun related incidents so far this year. This year. It’s only March 5th.
  • There have been 94 mass shootings year to date. There have been 30 more mass shootings than there have been …Read More
Gun Violence and Mass Shootings in the United States2023-03-10T12:33:23-07:00

National Women’s Day


“What’s the greatest lesson a woman should learn? That since day one, she’s already had everything she needs within herself. It’s the world that convinced her she did not.” –Rupi Kaur

Apparently it’s National Women’s Day. In honor and celebration of the beautiful women I know and love, and in honor …Read More

National Women’s Day2023-03-09T14:50:45-07:00

Dear Tribe


Dear Tribe, All Peoples Working with Honor for Love & Light

Thank you for all that you Are.
Thank you for the Love & Light you claim.
Thank you for the Love & Light you share.
It is an Honor to receive your Love & Light.
It is an Honor to share mine with you.

I am so …Read More

Dear Tribe2021-12-02T18:09:48-07:00

Special Needs for a Special Time


For so many of us there is so much that is new. Exciting and scary, sometimes both at once.

Here are a few suggestions that can help take the edge off and help get you back to balance.

My favorite, feeling grateful. Gratitude journals …Read More

Special Needs for a Special Time2020-06-01T21:21:24-07:00

Our Journey in Sharing Gratitude


My partner and I were recently blessed to journey through seven states traveling a total of six thousand miles. It was the longest trip my partner had ever taken and one that you could say was long overdue or in perfect time.

We converted our …Read More

Our Journey in Sharing Gratitude2020-04-03T14:01:04-07:00

Life is a Smorgasbord


At certain times in my life I have found it easy to be stuck in patterns, causing me to forget that there are many other choices I could be making. Judgment was taught and learned so well that fear of moving out of those …Read More

Life is a Smorgasbord2019-07-27T19:18:17-07:00

Is It Time to Re-Wire your Brain?


Have you ever wondered if the “evil” in the world only exists to feed all of us who love to be angry? Perhaps evil coincides with the amount of hateful, spiteful, and hurtful anger we display so that it can continue to feed our need for …Read More

Is It Time to Re-Wire your Brain?2017-10-05T12:58:30-07:00

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy: Remove Inflammation and Reclaim your Health.


Written by Brandi Owens RN

ELT is a full body treatment designed to detoxify and purify your body, restoring balance and immune function. You may not be aware that the lymphatic system covers the entire body, and so by achieving optimal function of this system we can hugely affect the function …Read More

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy: Remove Inflammation and Reclaim your Health.2016-11-20T11:27:29-07:00



CHANGE — This word more times than not conjures up fear, resistance, something one may not be comfortable with or like. What if this change, whatever it may be, on whatever level one maybe feeling it, is truly good and out of love. What if it was all to open your heart …Read More


Mindful Nutrition


Yoga is the science of uniting mind, body, and spirit. The consistent practice of Yoga eventuates in purification of the body, emotions, and thoughts. Hatha Yoga facilitates this by helping the practitioner live mindfully so that every action is carried on consciously and deliberately. Eventually old personality habits are replaced by ways …Read More

Mindful Nutrition2015-09-16T13:25:49-07:00

Trust, Good Enough and Growth By Dana Cummins


You know how you can sometimes be so sure of yourself? I personally acknowledge it as the willingness to be wrong in the pursuit of what’s right, a certain knowingness. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I have all the answers, in fact, even in my personal boundaries I’m willing to release …Read More

Trust, Good Enough and Growth By Dana Cummins2015-02-26T09:58:43-07:00

Remembering Gratitude


Sometimes things appear in my world that look one way; then after contemplation and time they reveal themselves to be something totally different. Today was one of those days. In the midst of the unknown all kinds of fear base scenarios reared their ugly heads. As I breathed through each of them, …Read More

Remembering Gratitude2015-02-26T09:56:35-07:00

Remembering that I am in the perfect time


Remembering that I am in the perfect time, that the choices I am making are what some part of me thinks best for that moment. And choosing to make my actions from my adult self as much as possible. Yet having compassion, understanding and forgiveness for myself as well when I make …Read More

Remembering that I am in the perfect time2015-02-26T09:53:46-07:00



Solitude is far different from loneliness. Solitude is a choice, an exhibition of true strength. In solitude comes a peace in knowing that you choose to no longer settle for less than you deserve from another human being. You show instead that you prefer to stand alone rather than spend one more …Read More


Remembering Trust


Today I reminded of trust- a key ingredient of my metaphysics. I remember my dear friend Lazaris speaking of it at the beginning of my conscious metaphysical journey “If you only trusted yourself you would not need to do all the programming, etc” (loosely paraphrased). Yet over the last 20+ years I …Read More

Remembering Trust2015-02-26T09:59:15-07:00
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