Dear Tribe, All Peoples Working with Honor for Love & Light

Thank you for all that you Are.
Thank you for the Love & Light you claim.
Thank you for the Love & Light you share.
It is an Honor to receive your Love & Light.
It is an Honor to share mine with you.

I am so excited to know you more.
And to be sharing more with you.
These exciting yet destructive times
Have kept us all so busy.
Yet also knowing a rest,
And for many, a sense of peace and hope.

So long we have waited for change.
Many of us have felt its presence coming
for ages, lifetimes even.

Whether it’s Heaven on Earth or
The New World or Other that you believe.
The fact that you believe,
Hold space for, send love & light to.
I honor you, your presence and
The many gifts and talents you bring.

I am so grateful for Mountain Spirit Co-Op
And all of the amazing, kind, generous and
loving people who have found us and are a part.
To each of you, I thank, from the bottom of my heart.

I have co-created with Spirit the attached meditation
For releasing the cords that bind us to the past.
It is my gift to each of you. I feel so blessed by our solidarity
Through all of our belief systems.
May we untether from the old, heal the wounds and
Open to Welcome And Embrace the New.

Love, Light, Laughter & Peace to All
With Dignity, Grace, Ease & Compassion
Highest Good with Harm to None


Please click here HERE to listen to the meditation.