About 6 months ago I was introduced to a method to harmonize and balance the body and the environment. I have been amazed by the results, and I believe its the right time to introduce this to people who want to improve their health by getting to the source of issues- their energy.

We are open energy systems in constant communication with our environment. Our emotional health and physical health are very much influenced by the harmony in our lives. Our homes are likely full of electromagnetic radiation from our appliances, nearby cell towers and microwave towers, cell phones, computers, WiFi, underground water channels, and even certain grid lines of the earth contain harmful radiation.

Dis-ease cannot be truly cured with a pill or surgery or whatever you like unless the root of the problem is accessed and brought back into balance. Every disease has a root that we are likely not aware of. The body is meant to heal itself, but many times cannot overcome what is dragging it down. For this reason, my work is very helpful in conjunction with traditional medicine or other alternatives. Dis-ease is spelled this way because the body has gotten out of ease, out of balance. When balance and harmony are restored, amazing things can happen.

Here are some things Ive had success with:

Slow recovery from surgery or trauma

Acute illness

Chronic illness

Injury or surgical pain control

Brain fog

Lyme disease

Chronic fatigue

Emotional trauma

Contact me for questions and to make an appointment. Your location does not matter, most of this can be done remotely as energy knows no bounds!

Cindy Holt