My partner and I were recently blessed to journey through seven states traveling a total of six thousand miles. It was the longest trip my partner had ever taken and one that you could say was long overdue or in perfect time.

We converted our van to have a single bed, had two coolers, one for cold and one for everything else and a bag that was our kitchen. Determined to make this trip fun and affordable we made a goal to eat from the supplies we carried daily and have our evening meal out.

Lucky for us I had accumulated 100K points on a credit card that I use to pay my monthly bills, paying the balance off each month as not to accrue interest. The points had been building for a few years, and now we were going to use them for free hotel nights on our journey.

The journey was amazing. We stopped everywhere we wanted to stop, only driving on average 6 hours a day. We encountered so many kind and loving people along the way.
So many workers, shoppers, beings of light with a smile and a willing and helpful heart.

Before we left, I collected three types of stones: pink rose quartz would be called to represent remembering the love, to love yourself more and allow more love in. An opalite, to open to more magic and miracles and an orange selenite to help release all the BS and blockages that keep the love and blessings from flowing.

It was my intention for my partner and I to carry several of these stones in our pockets and when we were touched by someone for whatever reason we would reach in our pocket
and grab a stone to share with them with the message that came with it.

The shock for us was the GRATITUDE we received when in OUR gratitude we offered a stone. The reactions from people all along the six thousand miles was incredible. People were so moved by this gesture. I can’t even remember how many people said how they would cherish this stone forever. Others telling us how they would get it wrapped and wear it and love it. People were so moved, so grateful. It blew us both away.

As one who has practiced daily gratitude for over 30 years and has experienced many moments of profound grace, I’ve got to say this small gesture of gifting little stones filled with love and meaning brought intense feelings of joy and peace. So glad we brought many stones to share.

Sometimes we left stones in places we came across in the cities, hidden in a nook of a tree, or left with other stones along a path. Mostly we gave them to people. People in line helping us order at Billy’s Boudin Balls in Louisiana, the ladies working the breakfast bar and check in at the hotel in New Orleans, the checkout lady with the most beautiful eyes and kindest heart in Roswell, friends we stayed with along the way. The list goes on and on with dozens of stones given in love and gratitude. The beauty surrounding it, fueled us,
blessed us.

The first morning in Albuquerque while preparing our thermos cups in the van and getting arranged for the day, a man, pregnant woman, and several children passed us to head in for breakfast. They paused outside the door unsure of what to do. Kris, my partner noticed this, excused her self from helping me and went over to assist them. They were from Ghana Africa we would later find out. After getting our coffee and finishing our rearranging the family came out from the breakfast room and passed us. They stopped and we spoke with them briefly as English wasn’t easy for them, but their attempts were noble and brought smiles to our faces. Kris, forgetting that we had brought stones to share gave the man her special selenite stone she always carries in her pocket. And we wished them well on their new adventure. One of the very small boys came up to us and said, “Thank you,” with such a gesture of majesty it’s taken me aback still to this day.

One of ladies in New Orleans shared her story with us of the trauma she incurred from the hurricane in 2005 and how her family was all affected differently, some having to stay in
emergency lodging and the further trauma that was experienced there. Not only our love and compassion went out to this woman, but we wanted to leave her with a token of our love, our prayers for healing as witness to her courage and perseverance. What a blessing for us to spend those moments with her, what an honor to share in such a powerful time in this woman’s life.

The man in front of us in the line at Billy’s Boudin Balls was so kind and helpful. He was happy to have something to do while he waited, and we talked about many the foods offered and the traditions to Mardi Gras. The younger couple behind us were full of passion and life. We all had such a good time in the long line. And when I gifted the older man a rose quartz, placing it firmly in the palm of his hand, stating simply, “Remember the Love.” I swear a twinkle came from his eyes and for a second, I thought…fairy? The young couple, mostly the woman as her man looked like he was doing his very best not to look at the lesbian couple as a couple of witches passing out lucky charms. Can’t say as I blame him. Just so grateful for the acceptance we received from him and so many along our journey. Anyway, she received the opalite, to help her/them to open to more miracles. Both were delighted. But those eyes….

The cashier clerk at the local grocery store in Roswell who helped me with my order. So much fun we had. So open, honest, vibrant with life she was, w e laughed the entire time. When I gave her stones, she hugged me fiercely knowing she had been seen and appreciated. I felt her, knew her, remembered her, and she I. Tears were shed with joy and

The list of the beautiful, open, loving and accepting people we met and shared with along the way continues with so many more stories of people being touched by a simple ask of
kindness. Some moved to tears welling up from gratitude, just for being seen, known if only for a second.

And yes, Kris gave away her reserve piece of selenite as well.

So blessed I am to be surrounded by one with a heart and soul so kind and loving.
So blessed am I.

— Dana