Welcome to Mountain Spirit Co-Op!

— Sunday, April 12, 2020 —

Hello Friends,

We hope this finds you all doing well and taking care of yourselves as we have entered into another challenging moment in time. We would like to remind you as each day unfolds with new information that you pay attention to how you are receiving the information and how you are processing it. The main goal is to keep ourselves positive and conscious. As we understand that fear and stress can lower our immune system.

Remembering that our bodies are amazing and so very powerful and have been created for moments like this. To look into the expansiveness of today we must understand that our Earth Mother is a big part of this consciousness and She is allowing herself to have moments of renewing and regenerating. So let us support her, ourselves and each other with love, strength and grace.

We would like to offer our prayers worldwide to those who have lost their life, and to those who have lost loved ones, and to those who are battling right now to get well.

We would like to offer you a guided prayer for strengthening your body and spirit.

Start by sitting and taking in a few slow deep breaths into your upper lungs as you expand your chest. And repeating out loud, breathing in between:

My body is powerful, My body is light, My body is clean, My body is grateful,

My mind is powerful, My mind is light, My mind is clean, My mind is grateful,

My spirit is powerful, My spirit is light, My spirit is clean, My spirit is grateful,

Our planet is powerful, Our planet is light, Our planet is clean, Our planet is grateful.

You may eventually want to change the wording to: I am, and We are.

Let us navigate this time together, with respect and honor. Knowing moments like these gives us opportunities to show our authentic character, let us not disappoint each other, ancient eyes are watching, let us make them proud.

There are four colors of humanity that make up the Sacred Hoop of Creation, it is not made with one alone, so let us stand together and stay connected to each other and let us
truly understand that in times like these the teachings await us.

And So It Is.

“Willing to experience aloneness, discover connection everywhere;
Turning to face my fear, I meet the warrior who lives within.”

— Jennifer Welwood

Our Journey in Sharing Gratitude

My partner and I were recently blessed to journey through seven states traveling a total of six thousand miles. It was the longest trip my partner had ever taken and one that you could say was long overdue or in perfect time.

We converted our van to have a single bed, had two coolers, one for cold and one for everything else and a bag that was our kitchen. Determined to make this trip fun and affordable we made a goal to eat from the supplies we carried daily and have our evening meal out.

Lucky for us I had accumulated 100K points on a credit card that I use to pay my monthly bills, paying the balance off each month as not to accrue interest. The points had been building for a few years, and now we were going to use them for free hotel nights on our journey.

The journey was amazing. We stopped everywhere we wanted to stop, only driving on average 6 hours a day. We encountered so many kind and loving people along the way.
So many workers, shoppers, beings of light with a smile and a willing and helpful heart.

(Read the full article here…)

Mountain Spirit Co-Op is growing and expanding its extended membership. We believe it is a powerful time in the world, a time where goodness and truth are demanding voice. A time where healing has center stage. It is our goal to create a hub station, where those with conscious and kind products and services from around the world can gather, advertise and be known at a level higher than most of us can reach on our own. It is our goal to create a synergy of millions working for the same goal. Peace, Healing and Respect for All. If you have a product or a service that you would like to offer to the world, if you are in your integrity around this product or service, we welcome you. Becoming a part of MSCO provides you with an organization that will give you an avenue to reach clients and/or customers in a much larger way, by joining and getting the benefits of our promotions and advertising campaigns, we can as a group, help each other in our own dreams, aspirations and goals. Annual memberships are now only $300 and joining is easy. Click here for the applications and call or email if you have any questions.

Health Clinics Coming to Prescott

Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center (MsHec3) is planning on offering a minimum of 3 Health Clinics in this year. We are hoping to offer these clinics in local places of worship as well as event centers and the Veterans Hospital. Please keep watch for dates and times to follow. If you would like us to visit your place of education or worship, please call Dana at (928) 420-2109 to schedule.

Become an Extended Member! 

Are you a business owner working in your integrity, do you honor and respect all people from all walks of life? Then we’d like you to join us! We are a group of people from all walks of life working to make our community and our planet a kinder and more honest place to be. Together our advertising dollars reach further to a massively growing peoples who are looking to purchase from, experience and support businesses who work with integrity and respect ALL people. They are finding us daily through FB, the Web, Yelp and many other places that we advertise with. Whether you are in the healing arts, the restaurant business, mechanics, real estate or any other business, we welcome you to join our MSCO family. 


Mountain Spirit Co-Op began over fourteen years ago as a group of artists, intuitives and practitioners. We have grown to now include a lending library, yoga studio, conference room and several practitioner rooms. Our goal is to bring more love, healing and joy to this world, through sharing our talents and gifts. If you are doing good in your community and want to share your gifts and talents on our website, please click here to become an extended member. Our goal is to have extended members doing good in there community all over the globe. Together, for a small amount we can cultivate greater advertisement then what most of us can do on our own. And at the same time create a website that connects people doing good in their communities all over the world. It doesn’t matter what the good is that you are doing in your community, just that you are working for positive benefits for those around you with harm to none. You can be for profit or non profit. Non-profit organizations get a reduced rate and must provide their 501c3 number for verification. Come, join us in becoming a part of something that is bound to be greater than any of us individually. Let’s work together regardless of religion, race, politics, or gender. Let’s show the world that with willingness and joy we can work together and create an abundance of wellness for ourselves and those around us.


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— Monday, May 25, 2020 —