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Our last Silent Auction was a HUGE success! Thank you to all of you who supported in donating your services and art. And another thanks for all of you who bid on the terrific items that were donated. Your generosity collected over $1000 in donations! We are so blessed, as are the Many folks who are signing up weekly for scholarships on the much-needed services we offer.


Please go to our Facebook page MsHec3 or
our website MsHec3.com to see
all the amazing items up for auction. The Auction will start
NOVEMBER 1st through DECEMBER 10th
so that the winning items can be delivered by the Holidays.

Rosemary Bartolomeo, Healing from Within. Energy session to release fear, anger, and anything that no longer serves you then she fills the voids with inner peace, calm and a sense of balance. 3 sessions have been donated. Value – $60 each. Starting Bid – $20.

Dana Childs, Dana Child ’s Intuitive. Empowered Empath online course.
Item value – $197. Starting minimum bid – $40.

Dana Childs, Dana Child ’s Intuitive. 2nd offering – The Basics: 8 Metaphysical Classes. Item value – $280. Starting bid – $50.

Oleta Clay, Reading. Value – $25. Starting Bid – $10.

Oleta Clay, Telepathic Healing. Value – $30. Starting bid – $15.

Dana Cummins, Conscious Choices. Individual session valued at $120.
Starting bid – $40.

Rebecca Cutehands. Indigenous teachings, 4hr session. Item value – $250.
Starting minimum bid – $40.

Celeste HollyHigher Power Yoga. Wire wrap, item value – $45.00.
Starting Minimum Bid – $15.00.

Marie Howell, Marie Howell Art. Set of 3 Divine Mother prints. (3) 8×10 artist-signed prints in 11×14 mats (in cellophane protective sleeves). Value – $120. Starting bid – $30. www.truenorthwisdom.com.

Celeste Holly, Higher Power Yoga. Wire Wrap, item value – $45.00. Starting Minimum Bid – $15.00.

Toria Hungerford, Body Balance by Toria. 1-hour session of Spiritual Healing.
Value – $60. $30 starting bid, increments of $5 thereafter.

Dar Jerse, Twisted Art. Nuummite stone with Tree of Life. Item value – $40.

Dar Jerse, Twisted Art. #2nd item – Bloodstone with Tree of Life. Item value – $60. Starting bid – $20.

Dar Jerse, Twisted Art. 3rd item – Copper Spiral with Trade Beads. Item value – $30. Starting bid – $5.

Dar Jerse, Twisted Art. 4th item – Silver Heart with Black Beads. Item value – $25. Starting bid – $5.

Robin Lieske, Moonlogic Press. Chakra Altar Cards, 5” x 7”, on Aluminum. Hang and place on your refrigerator or altar! Value – $15 each or $105 set. Minimum bid – $25.

Jodi Maas, Tarot Readings by Jodi Maas. Free standard reading via phone (approx 20 min). Item value – $35. Starting bid – $5.

Amber Riley, Soul Rediscovered. Intuitive Tarot Reading. Item value – $120. Starting minimum bid – $25.

Tajali Theresa Tolan, Be Brilliant. Watercolor (Flower Basket). Value – $75.
Minimum bid – $20.

Tajali Theresa Tolan, Be Brilliant. Watercolor (Ink Blot). Value – $25.
Minimum bid – $10.


Holy cow, 15 years?!?
What all we have witnessed and have been a part of has been a priceless gift that continues to give through all the friendships we have made. What began as a safe space of belonging continues to grow and expand in new ways. I am forever grateful for all the love and joy I have gotten to share with so many and for everyone who walked through our doors for your support and the many opportunities you brought with you. Wishing each of you the best always.  — Dana

Hello Friends, I would like to say thank you to everyone who entered through those doors of MSCO throughout the thirteen years of our healing center and gallery being open and these last two years that some of you have stayed in contact through sessions, ceremonies, classes, events, etc. So many of you have become friends and part of my sacred tribe and I feel very blessed and overwhelmed sometimes with all the connections that MSCO has brought into my life. I have shared so much with so many, whether tears or laughter, challenge or celebration, whether at a gathering or a one on one session, whether you’ve been here for the last fifteen years or you just briefly dropped in to share a moment in time with me, I say again Thank You and I look forward to even more. Be well and Be light.  — Rebecca Cutehands.

I am so grateful for the amazing and nurturing community, fellowship and family that has created and evolved over these past 15 years. Starting from a loving concept of healing and education, and the desire to share gifts and treasures of love, inner and complete whole heath, and not only to inspire our local community but expand to reach out globally to all needing our contact. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the inspiration, and to be involved in the continued growth and success of MSCO and MsHEC3. I thank everyone involved in the success and support of our wonderful communities!  — With gratefulness and love, Laura.

The following members are offering a 15% discount on their services or art items!

DanaCummins. 15% off Intuitive Sessions and all Metaphysical Classes.
Phone (928) 420-2109.

Rebecca Cutehands. 15% off Indigenous and Spiritual Art and offerings, Prayer Fans, Dream Weaves, Spirit Masks, Deerskin Purses and Pouches, Crystals wands, Crystal Pendants, Ceremonial Herb Blends, etc. Original Price varies per item. Special Orders available. Phone (928) 499-4128.

Celeste Holly is a talented jewelry artist who has been teaching jewelry making and creating her beautiful pieces for 20 years. She is offering a couple of her beautiful pieces at 15% off in celebration of MSCO’s 15-year anniversary. Original price $45.00. 15% discount price $38.25. Contact Celeste at ccholly@gmail.com or 920-858- 2966.

Moonstone pendant is beautifully wrapped in gold-filled and sterling silver wire. Moonstone is a stone of “new beginnings” inner growth and strength. The pendant is 2 inches long and about 3/4 inches wide. It hangs on a silver-plated snake chain.

Onyx pendant is wrapped artistically wrapped in gold-filled and sterling silver wire. Onyx protects the wearer from negative energy and attracts harmonious relationships. The pendant is 2 inches long and about 3/4 inches wide. It hangs on a silver-plated snake chain. Original price $45.00. 15% discount price $38.25. Contact Celeste at ccholly@gmail.com or 920-858-2966.

DarJerse, Twisted Art: 25 wrapped pendantsDiscounted Price as listed. Prices are marked with 15% already applied. Phone (928) 499-4128.

Marie Howell, Marie Howell Art.
5233 W Red Bird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85083
 (623) 980-9886, www.truenorthwisdom.com.


Offering a 20% discount on all available original paintings and assemblage sculptures on my website. Local delivery is included but NOT shipping. Contact me (623-244-2268) for pricing. 

Scott McMaster: LIFE BALANCE UNIVERSITY, DUAL INTENSIVE, Emotional Mastery & Maturity Intensive combined with Living Free of SHAME Intensive.
This 5-6 week dual Intensive includes 9 (remote) appointments plus daily E-mail engagement. Includes support for Toxic Shame, extensive email coaching, consistent support throughout the Intensive with exercises, class work, and contact. Also includes Identity Re-creation instruction and support. Free Initial Consultation to see if this Intensive Course is for you. Original Price $1,090. Discounted Price $595.

Jodi Maas, 
Tarot Readings by Jodi Maas.
15% off 30-minute reading. Original price $50.00. Discount price $42.50. 

Amber Riley, Soul Rediscovered, Intuitive Tarot Readings. Original Price-$120. Discounted Price-15% off $102. Phone (805) 422-4551.

 Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” 

— Ruth Bader Ginsberg 

Winter Solstice
— Monday, December 21, 2020 —


We have stepped into the time of the West. We entered into it at the fall equinox and we will be with the West until the winter solstice. As we sit in this sacred direction, we are gifted with so much medicine that rests here. The West allows us to release Grandfather Sun to the Southern Hemisphere and embrace Grandmother Moon. It is the moon that will carry the influence now until the first day of Spring. So, let us find time to thank her and honor her with prayers and blessings. It is also a time of strength as we enter into the time of the shadow and prepare to go inward and reflect as things around us slow down and the days get shorter. The sacred trees that once bloomed beautiful flowers and may have borne fruit are releasing their leaves and will be holding their bare limbs up to the stars so make sure you go to them and offer them a prayer of thanks too. This is a great time for trying new recipes, making yummy soups and herbal teas. This is also a time that we mend our sacred tools or create new ones and learn the stories of our ancestors. I wish you all gentleness and grace as we walk with the days of the West. Blessings.

“Chaos precedes and follows change. Lord knows we are ready for positive change, so ground yourself and place your focus on what positive changes you can make while dreaming of compassionate changes for our world. May we allow the grace of goodness to be bestowed upon us as we offer up our gratitude for All That Is.”

— Dana Cummins

Happy Halloween!
— Saturday, October 31, 2020 —


— Tuesday, November 3, 2020 —


This year’s election may be one of the most important in the history of the US! Your vote DOES count so PLEASE vote!! If you are not yet 18, or are not a U.S. citizen, you can still participate in the election process. You may not be able to walk into a voting booth, but there are things you can do to get involved:

  • Be informed! Read up on political issues (both local and national) and figure out where you stand.
  • Get out and talk to people. Even if you cannot vote, you can still voice opinions on social media, in your school or local newspaper, or other public forums. You never know who might be listening.
  • Volunteer. If you support a particular candidate, you can work on their campaign by participating in phone banks, doing door-to-door outreach, writing postcards, or volunteering at campaign headquarters. Your work can help get candidates elected, even if you are not able to vote yourself.

Participating in elections is one of the key freedoms of American life. Many people in countries around the world do not have the same freedom, nor did many Americans in centuries past. No matter what you believe or whom you support, it is important to exercise your rights.

Honoring all who served.

— Wednesday, November 11, 2020 —

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Mountain Spirit Co-Op began over fifteen years ago as a group of artists, intuitives and practitioners. We have grown to now include a lending library, yoga studio, conference room and several practitioner rooms. Our goal is to bring more love, healing and joy to this world, through sharing our talents and gifts. If you are doing good in your community and want to share your gifts and talents on our website, please click here to become an extended member. Our goal is to have extended members doing good in there community all over the globe. Together, for a small amount we can cultivate greater advertisement then what most of us can do on our own. And at the same time create a website that connects people doing good in their communities all over the world. It doesn’t matter what the good is that you are doing in your community, just that you are working for positive benefits for those around you with harm to none. You can be for profit or non profit. Non-profit organizations get a reduced rate and must provide their 501c3 number for verification. Come, join us in becoming a part of something that is bound to be greater than any of us individually. Let’s work together regardless of religion, race, politics, or gender. Let’s show the world that with willingness and joy we can work together and create an abundance of wellness for ourselves and those around us.


…that if you order from Amazon, you can order from their page called ‘Amazon Smiles’ and 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice? Guess what! Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center is listed in their organizations to which you can choose to donate. So please, when you are purchasing through Amazon, go to https://smile.amazon.com, log in, and choose your local charity helping those in need right here in Arizona.

— Thursday, November 26, 2020 —