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Special Needs for a Special Time

For so many of us there is so much that is new; both exciting and scary at once sometimes. Here are a few suggestions that can help take the edge off and help get you back to balance.

My favorite, feeling grateful. Gratitude journals are awesome and choosing to Feel grateful is an amazing game changer. Sometimes in my life when things have been most difficult all I could only allowed myself to find to be grateful for were the simple things like my pillow, my bed, a hot bath with lavender oil and salt. Choosing to Feel grateful changed my life. Now my list of things I am grateful for is never ending, always expanding.

I find myself needing extra rest and down time to integrate when so much is going on around me. Silent meditations, listening to music, dancing, orange oil, palo santo, fire ceremony, walks in nature are a few things that help me come back to center.

Deep Breaths into my abdomen are extremely useful also. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I will breathe in compassion and peace and exhale happiness and joy. Sometimes I start with breathing in determination and exhaling stress and anxiety until I feel a shift. From there I will wander about until I end on inhaling compassion and peace and exhaling happiness and joy, inhaling strength, courage, wisdom, and exhaling peace. Deep breaths and mantras have been real life savers for me.

Expressing myself and my feelings in art, music, dance, or martial arts is also enormously powerful for me. 

Sometimes I sought comfort in food or drink as well. Though finding it in prayer and meditation leave me with a prolonged and lasting sense of peace.

Remember, you are not alone. There are so many people struggling right now. Some have it easier, many have it worse. But feelings are feelings, we all have them, and we can all be overwhelmed with them at times. Learning how to be gentle with yourself and to find peace and comfort for yourself can be a real light right now. Going within and finding your connection with all that is and holding space for it all to shift to the light, with compassion, grace and dignity may be a stretch at first. But it may also set you free, free to dream of a healthier world. Filled with compassion and kindness. Filled with dignity and grace, goodness, truth, and beauty.

We at MSCO and MsHec3 are praying for the safety of you and yours. Sending out to the world healing, love, and light, while holding space for peace.


and the winners are… 

    • Frances won an intuitive session with Dana
    • Paulani won a clearing and balancing session with Rosemary
    • Frances won an intuitive healing session with Ginny
    • Paulani won an animal communication with Ginny
    • Dana won yoga with David
    • Ginny won a reading with Jodi
    • Paulani won Beth’s homemade beeswax candles
    • Ginny won a session with Deb and her horse Utah
    • 2 different Danas each won one of Marie’s Spiral Art
    • Dana won a reading with Oleta
    • Paulani won a reading with Oleta
    • Amber won a session with Rebecca
    • Dana won a session with Celeste
    • Kristen won the Rose Quartz Pendant of Celeste’s making
    • Dana won yoga with Simona
    • Ginny won a reading with Amber
    • Frances won all 3 of Jennifer’s Chakra healing sessions
    • Oleta won a beautiful pendant and matching earrings from Lana
    • Frances won a massage with Simona

“ We are candles burning, sometimes sputtering, sometimes steady,
with the same task as the stars in their majesty making light.”

 Elias Amidon 


Thank you so much for all the generous donations and to those of you who bid on the items/healings/readings and teachings. The success of every event that we host to raise funds for the MsHec3 Project is because of “You” and your generosity. We have had to cancel a few events due to Covid-19 so we really appreciate how so many of you participated in making this a success. This allows us to offer more scholarships to those who want to heal and educate themselves for a healthier way of life, which benefits all of us. Being able to provide funding for services helps those in moments of challenge to truly engage in the healing process without the worry of financial burden. 

It is an honor to be able to be a part of something that inspires those to reach out especially in moments of vulnerability. From all of us here at the Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center, thank you again for all the donations and thank you to those who reach out for support and guidance. 

If you know someone in need and who may be looking for alternative methods of healing please direct them to our website at MsHec3.com.

If you are looking to donate to a local non-profit, please consider MsHec3. We have a secure PayPal link on our website, or you can mail your donation to our P.O. Box 11553, Prescott, AZ 86302. 

MsHec3 would like to offer a blessing of appreciation and gratitude to its board members because without the participation of all of them this project would not be so amazing. To Sam Howell and all the work he does every month on our website, Celeste Holly for all the great posts on Facebook she does for all of us and keeping up on the bidding through the silent auction, Oleta Clay for her help with event planning and sending out notes of gratitude, David Clay for taking the notes and minutes for the meetings, James Knochel for his help with technology, Laura Nelson for creating the MSCO newsletter, Jud Kramer for getting all our info up on the MSCO website, Beth Markley for her mad editing skills, Rebecca Cutehands and Dana Cummins for collaborating on administrative duties, writings and promotional advertising. For all the volunteer hours that all of you offer for each event and for those who offer their services to the scholarship program.

Thank you for making the world a kinder and healthier place. 

Mountain Spirit Co-Op is growing and expanding its extended membership. We believe it is a powerful time in the world, a time where goodness and truth are demanding voice. A time where healing has center stage. It is our goal to create a hub station, where those with conscious and kind products and services from around the world can gather, advertise and be known at a level higher than most of us can reach on our own. It is our goal to create a synergy of millions working for the same goal. Peace, Healing and Respect for All. If you have a product or a service that you would like to offer to the world, if you are in your integrity around this product or service, we welcome you. Becoming a part of MSCO provides you with an organization that will give you an avenue to reach clients and/or customers in a much larger way, by joining and getting the benefits of our promotions and advertising campaigns, we can as a group, help each other in our own dreams, aspirations and goals. Annual memberships are now only $300 and joining is easy. Click here for the applications and call or email if you have any questions.

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Are you a business owner working in your integrity, do you honor and respect all people from all walks of life? Then we’d like you to join us! We are a group of people from all walks of life working to make our community and our planet a kinder and more honest place to be. Together our advertising dollars reach further to a massively growing peoples who are looking to purchase from, experience and support businesses who work with integrity and respect ALL people. They are finding us daily through FB, the Web, Yelp and many other places that we advertise with. Whether you are in the healing arts, the restaurant business, mechanics, real estate or any other business, we welcome you to join our MSCO family. 

— Sunday, June 21, 2020 —


Mountain Spirit Co-Op began over fourteen years ago as a group of artists, intuitives and practitioners. We have grown to now include a lending library, yoga studio, conference room and several practitioner rooms. Our goal is to bring more love, healing and joy to this world, through sharing our talents and gifts. If you are doing good in your community and want to share your gifts and talents on our website, please click here to become an extended member. Our goal is to have extended members doing good in there community all over the globe. Together, for a small amount we can cultivate greater advertisement then what most of us can do on our own. And at the same time create a website that connects people doing good in their communities all over the world. It doesn’t matter what the good is that you are doing in your community, just that you are working for positive benefits for those around you with harm to none. You can be for profit or non profit. Non-profit organizations get a reduced rate and must provide their 501c3 number for verification. Come, join us in becoming a part of something that is bound to be greater than any of us individually. Let’s work together regardless of religion, race, politics, or gender. Let’s show the world that with willingness and joy we can work together and create an abundance of wellness for ourselves and those around us.


…that if you order from Amazon, you can order from their page called ‘Amazon Smiles’ and 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice? Guess what! Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center is listed in their organizations to which you can choose to donate. So please, when you are purchasing through Amazon, go to https://smile.amazon.com, log in, and choose your local charity helping those in need right here in Arizona.