Today I reminded of trust- a key ingredient of my metaphysics. I remember my dear friend Lazaris speaking of it at the beginning of my conscious metaphysical journey “If you only trusted yourself you would not need to do all the programming, etc” (loosely paraphrased). Yet over the last 20+ years I have worked diligently, doing the programming, changing beliefs, healing, etc. And still I find myself lacking in trust. So often in my past in have put my trust in others blindly only to be disappointed. Now it seems over the past decade I have learned that lesson, admittedly the hard way with a few, but for the most part I have used the skills for trusting others pretty well and have surrounded myself with good and trustworthy people. So why do I not claim more trust for myself? Perhaps it falls back on creating a bigger success cube for myself. For truly trusting myself encompasses recognizing and embracing the more truer self I am becoming. Today I choose to walk in the realization that I am becoming more of my truer self. And I choose to do so with as much grace, humility, dignity and trust I can muster.

This is one of Lazaris’ tapes I have found to be invaluable.

Many Blessing for more trustworthy moments. Dana