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With conflict comes tension, decision, renunciation, and liberation!
How do we bridge the gap between the lower self (concrete mental, astral, and etheric/dense physical bodies) and the Higher Self (Soul)? With what? How can it be bridged? What must be directed across the void in order to bridge this gap?
The integrated personality consciousness must move into that void, filling it with awareness. This is done by an act of will.

Will is Cosmic Purpose, the Divine Purpose for all creation. Will is within the One Life—immanent and transcendent. This is the Purpose which the Masters know and serve.
The origin and source of Will is the One Life which is inherent in all forms—it is the will to be. This will is used to align with the Source—not my will but Thine be done.

We are immortal—as such we are each an integral and eternal part of the One Life. It is a matter of identification with that aspect of self which is beyond the conception of limits. Internalizing this truth gives us the ability to allow the manifestation of the Soul into “The Light of Day”.

During this process of identification with the One Life, we create the bridge over which the kingdoms in nature will reach the Kingdom of Spirit.

We are each a divine medium for the use of the Divine Will. Each one becomes an open conduit and conductor for the flow of Love, Life and Will.

We accomplish this by obeying the Soul’s direction and serving that higher purpose.
The Soul says: “the personality used to react against My purpose. It used to put up barriers, but these barriers are coming down as the personality acquiesces to the Plan of the Soul. This has not been easy for the personality—there have been familial and social disturbances because of My infusion of Light. The personality is being taught that it was created by Me for a higher purpose.

“We find harmony through conflict as we emerge into Light, Truth, and Reality. If we identify with the Life aspect or the Soul within a form, we help that consciousness align with the eternal Love/Wisdom aspect of the Creator. Love is that cohesive force joined with Will and Intelligent Activity for neither can be effective alone.”

The goal is to manifest Divine Love (a characteristic of the Soul) into the outer world. This is done when the personality allows the Soul to infuse it with Its Light. This necessitates a refocusing of the attention away from the unreal and placing it on the Real. This requires in sequence: dispassion, discrimination, and finally detachment. We will expand upon these introductory comments in future posts.