Laura Nelson

LauraNelson2012Although Laura began her journey with jewelry during a wonderful time with her mother and sister in 2002, creativity has always been a deeply rooted and nurtured trait throughout her life and her family. Coming from a family of writers, artists and performers, she cannot remember a time when she or her family wasn’t encouraged to draw, write, perform musically, and do needlework or creations in many other forms.

When Laura rediscovered natural stones and beads, she realized her intuitive link to the sensations and healing qualities, and began to respond by playing with them. She would be drawn to a particular pendant or bead and wait for the sensations of images, thoughts and feelings to draw her to other stones and beads, which resulted in unique and original necklaces. This became her passion, and sharing this passion enhanced the love of the creation.

Laura has since expanded her artwork to include necklaces, bracelets and earrings created with natural bone, wood and stones, gemstones, crystals, fine metals and glass.

Since early 2009, Laura is a certified Reiki practitioner and is working with her Reiki at Mountain Spirit Co‑Op. She also Reiki charges each of her pieces.

When Dana approached her about the creation of Mountain Spirit Co-Op, Laura was instantly aware that she belonged to this loving group of intuitives, healers and artists. Being a part of the evolution of this Co-Op with all of its amazing members has been a truly soul-expanding adventure!

You can reach Laura by email:, by phone: (714) 350-4580 or (928) 759-8188, or through the Mountain Spirit Co-Op: (928) 445-8545,