LeeAnn RomineLeeAnn Romine has 35 years of experience as a Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, Founder of Soul Radiance Activation™ method, Founder of Mapmakers Academy™, Certified Business Coach, Certified Theta Practitioner, Author 

She is an Elite Spiritual Advisor specializing in consciously creating your own reality. She has worked in the world of metaphysics for 3 decades and has a lifetime of experience and wisdom to share. Her focus is on those who are Conscious Leaders making change in our world. 

Ongoing Offerings 

Elite Spiritual Advisor, Psychic, Business Success Specialist, Certified Theta Healer offering Individual Readings, Ongoing Rise Events, Mentoring and Coaching through her proprietary Soul Radiance Activation™ and Conscious Leadership Collective


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Find her mini-series Lost to Limitless here: https://www.igniteyouglobal.com/sraminiseries