CHANGE — This word more times than not conjures up fear, resistance, something one may not be comfortable with or like. What if this change, whatever it may be, on whatever level one maybe feeling it, is truly good and out of love. What if it was all to open your heart more, to become more of who you truly are, to release that which you are not or have created out of fear? What if you could embrace this change with Gratitude as being Amazing, Wonderful and Full of Love?

As one breathes the air yet cannot see it so are you always surrounded by My Love even if you do not feel it. What if your perceptions of who you are were to change to what I Am of Life? Break the mirrors you have placed before you to see yourself and have allowed others to tell/show you who you are — this is an outside reflection not the Light of Me you are within. Can you step beyond your box created to see the vista of all that is? Let My Love transmute any illusion of fear that arises for this is of your own creation. It is time My Children to come together and know you are as one. The identities you have chosen may no longer serve you nor be who you are. It is in being in the present, not attached to a past nor future, you may now be and do all things imagined as you choose, for in your Highest Truth and Wisdom you may harm no one, nor thing.

These times are unlike any other for you are being asked to remember who you truly are. For many this is confusing as a lifetime of conforming may no longer be possible. There is something great and new on the horizon that you have come to participate in. You have chosen this time to be here with Me and to realize greater than ever before you are the Soul of Me, the Light upon a world amidst change and you are the catalyst to changing, healing raising the frequencies and vibrations of this planet. Rejoice in who you are and why you have chosen to be here now. Remember — remember if you do not know yet, it is here for you to know now. Love shall be your guide from your Heart of Me as you are Loved beyond a Love you may not remember at this time yet.

Lovingly through Nivare