For the last eight years Mountain Spirit Co-Op has been offering a variety of services and teachings to people within the community and around the world.

Ever since the doors opened at MSCO we have had a talented group of people sharing their gifts such as energy work, reiki, polarity, intuitive readings, massage, reflexology, spiritual and Native American teachings, quantum dynamics, crystal therapy and so much more. We have members that offer their services onsite during gallery hours, who also schedule appointments throughout the week, and Extended Members around the world that link to us to advertise their business/services.

MSCO has also been hosting a “Day of Service” for the community for the last three years. On this day the Healing Center is set up as a Healing Clinic, all rooms will be filled and extra healing stations are set up to accommodate this event, and all members of MSCO come together and offer their services to the world for free. If you have any questions or are interested in starting your healing journey, today seems like a great day to begin, so call us at (928) 445-8545.

MSCO is expanding all the time with new members, so if you would like to share your gifts and empower yourself and your business, call Dana at (928) 420-2109 or look over the membership information on our web-site.

Jion Sommer

Jion Sommer, Living Proof Naturally  Plant-based Nutrition Certified Professional - Center for Nutritional Studies, Cornell University; Reiki practitioner; Buddhist Meditation Teacher.  Jion is a healing practitioner who’s traveled the path to wellness. As a survivor of Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis, she understands the importance of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. ...Read More

Vesna Matic

Vesna Matic has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a LMLP (Licensed Master's Level Psychologist), and is a certified Integral Health Practitioner which encompasses both Eastern and Western psychologies and philosophies. The combined education and disciplines have opened doors to Vesna becoming a Transformational Counselor, PranicHealer, Shaman, Spiritual Director, Passion ...Read More

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