Build Your Inner Light and Let Your Healthy, Happy and Connected Life Shine! 

The answer to nearly all that ails you is free, works fast, proven effective, is innate and right outside your door.

Your body, emotions, mind and spirit all require one thing; above all of the supplements, therapies, modalities and meditations combined!

That’s a mighty big claim, coming from someone who has spent 40 years in the functional medicine, healing and spiritual arts profession.

My name is Kristi Judy, and I’ve spent those 40 years in practice on a quest to help people feel fantastic on all levels, reclaim their zest for life and cure whatever ails them.

I have trained and certified in dozens of techniques, all cutting edge for their time and very effective. I have trained and certified others in the techniques and processes I created personally in Life Empowerment Training (L.E.T.) workshops and teaching my 4 year Doctorate program.

The thousands of people I’ve worked with trust that whatever they bring into my office I have a way, or will find a way, to help them.

And so it is, with L.E.T.’s Rise and Shine! A program based on the applied science of quantum biology to revitalize, rejuvenate and recharge the parts of your body that truly determine your health, happiness and spiritual Connection.

Join me, on October 11th and December 13th, in our Mountain Spirit Co-op free online Zoom Mixers and learn L.E.T.’s Rise and Shine! Learn the simple techniques that have truly created miracles since the dawn of time.

If you’re ready now, feel free to contact me, Kristi Judy, at 928-713-5540 to attend either a group workshop or to have a one on one personal session (in person or via Zoom) and L.E.T.’s Rise and Shine!

––  Kristi Judy