Written by Brandi Owens RN

ELT is a full body treatment designed to detoxify and purify your body, restoring balance and immune function. You may not be aware that the lymphatic system covers the entire body, and so by achieving optimal function of this system we can hugely affect the function of many other body systems restoring your health and vitality.

In truth, the lymphatic system is the heart of your immune system. Body wide inflammation is one of the biggest contributors to the decline of health leading to illness, and the most common frustration is not knowing what can be done about it.

Through ELT you can effectively eliminate toxins from your body that have accumulated from everyday living due to pollution, environmental factors, use of skin care products, previous surgeries, diet, allergens, stress, and so forth.

The therapy works by using an ionic energy field to help your lymphatic system to work more efficiently. We do this painlessly and effortlessly by cleaning out the metabolic and toxic waste that has built up in the tissues and remove it through the lymphatic system.

As we effectively remove the inflammation (a.k.a. all that toxic waste), we are also teaching your immune system how to function at its best. While ELT is received like a very relaxing, peaceful massage, is actually creating change in the tissues of your body; literally teaching you how to function at your best.

The result of doing ELT is a stronger immune system, better sleep, clearer focus and concentration, contentment, feeling a sense of well being, and possible weight loss from removal of  inflammation from your body. You will experience improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to your organs, tissues, and muscles which will leave you feeling energized and confident in your health!

And with a more efficient immune system, you are less likely to get sick from common colds or react to allergens in the same way. That means when your friends and co-workers get sick, most likely you will not.

ELT is beneficial for most types of chronic disease, as well as an excellent avenue for health maintenance and prevention. The lymphatic system, when functioning properly, cleanses the tissues, aids in cellular repair, and eliminates toxins.


• Reduce allergies and response to common allergens
• Improve asthma and lung function
• Detoxify the entire body, reduce inflammation
• Reduce stress, and calms the nervous system
• Supports all health maintenance protocols
• Reduce most chronic pain issues
• Reduces symptoms of autoimmune issues
• Relieve Lymphedema issues
• Relieve sinus pressure and headaches
• Helps to ease the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation
• Supports post mastectomy health
• Breast lumps and enlarged prostate
• Pre and post surgical applications
• Reduces feel and appearance of scar tissue
• Has been shown to help repair nerve damage from surgical injury
• Reduce healing time with sports injuries
• Facial rejuvenation, reducing sagging and puffiness
• Assists with comprehensive weight loss


 What is Electro- Lymphatic Therapy?

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy, or ELT, uses a device called the LymphStar Pro that has its origins back to the work of Edgar Cayce during the 1940’s.  Its technical name is an Inert Gas Ionization Instrument, or IGII, with the first ever being the Violet Ray created by Edgar Cayce.  So this is not a new concept, though it has seen many evolutions over the years with the Lymph Drainage XP2Ô being the most advanced device available at this time.  The device uses 2 hand held glass tubes that serve as treatment heads. Inside the glass tubes are noble, or inert gasses (Argon, Krypton, and Xenon). These gasses are called inert because they will never change their natural state. They won’t bond to any other substances to create a molecule because they have the same amount of electrons and protons, so it isn’t possible to create a bond. Such as hydrogen and oxygen, both gasses until they bond together to create water, or H2O.

The device works by stimulating the gasses in the tubes with an electro static discharge of energy created by an electric coil in the main box of the device.  This energy generates excitement of the gasses in the tubes and creates an ionic energy field that extends out from the tubes. (Please note that the gasses do not ever leave the tubes; they stay trapped in the hand blown, lead free glass).

When the glass tubes are placed on the body, (the treatment is received much like a very relaxing massage), the ionic energy field is able to reach 6 to 8 inches, or 15 to 20 centimeters into the body reaching tissue levels no other therapy can reach.

This ionic energy field behaves much like a jackhammer breaking up concrete, in that it provides a similar action in breaking up stagnant lymph and toxic waste trapped in the tissues of the body. Once the stagnant lymph is broken up and returned to a fluid state it is gently moved along the lymphatic vessels and eventually out of the body through the blood vessels, which eliminate through lungs, liver, colon, kidneys, and skin.

With this device it is possible to effectively detox the tissues of the body and restore immune function by regulating the lymphatic system and reminding it how to function at its best.

How do I prepare for the therapy?

The only recommendation is to be well hydrated before each session. You may eat as you normally do, you may continue with any other concurrent program you are following. If you are in an area of high humidity, it is best to arrive early and allow your body to cool down before the therapy begins.

How many sessions do I need?

Typically a good detox and immune rebuilding on a healthy person is about 10 sessions. Each time your body receives the therapy it is releasing more from the tissues and the lymphatic system or immune system is being reminded how to function at its best.

For those with high levels of toxicity or chronic health concerns, it will vary on how well your body is able to let go of the toxins and rebuild its immune system.

How often should I receive the therapy sessions?

The therapy is working with energy and teaching the immune system, so it is recommended to do the therapy once a week for optimal results. However, since there is no integration period needed, the therapy can be given multiple times a week, including back-to-back days, to improve or speed up progress.

When will I feel results?

In most cases you will feel changes beginning around the 3rd or 4th session. Generally the 1st session, while very relaxing, there isn’t much that happens other than you should notice an increase in the amount of urination the day of the therapy. As you get into the 3rd and 4th session you may start to notice improved energy levels, sleeping better, improved mood, clearer head (less brain fog), better focus, and overall increase in feeling of wellbeing.  As you progress through the sessions you will begin to understand what a proper functioning immune system feels like and that is something that is subjective to each person. I generally see the aha moment, the understanding happen around session 6 to 8. By session 10 the body has learned how to maintain immune function and no longer requires the reminder given by the therapy sessions.

Is maintenance therapy required to keep the results?

With those that are looking to improve health and maintain good health, no, maintenance therapy is not required. This therapy is creating a physiological change in the immune system, reminding it how it has been designed to function. Completing a series of 10 therapy sessions will create that change and the body will learn to function on its own. There is no dependence created with this therapy. The recommendation is to do “tune ups” or a series of 3 or 4 sessions once a year to keep the body functioning at its best since we cannot always control our environment and the amount of stress we deal with each day. It is also recommended to come in for additional therapy sessions if you encounter a major illness, or significant stressor in your life to prevent the immune system from reverting back to a slow moving or sluggish system as a result of the illness and or intense stressor.

Where do the toxins go?

In the simplest form, the body is made to cleanse itself. The blood cleanses itself through the lymphatic system; the rest of the body cleanses itself through our 5 major detox organs; the liver, the colon, the kidneys, the lungs, and the skin our largest detox organ and the reason we recommend Dry Skin Brushing. When we break up and remove toxins from the tissues of the body, it is moved through the lymphatic vessels that carry it through many lymph nodes that filter the fluid and allow our immune system to do its job in fighting bacteria and viruses. After the fluid carrying the waste and toxins is filtered through the lymphatic system, it will be drained back into the vascular system, or blood circulation at the junction of the heart, where it will be cleansed out through our 5-detox organs.

Will there be detox symptoms?

For most people looking to do this therapy for a health prevention tool, there shouldn’t be any detox symptoms. The most common complaint is being tired the day of treatment and feeling really great the day after and that may occur for the first few sessions and then it will improve.

That being said, it is very important to be well hydrated before your therapy session and to continue to hydrate well after receiving the therapy. The energy field that we work with will continue to work with your body for several hours after the therapy is completed to assist the lymphatic system to move as much as possible. We encourage you to keep well hydrated to assist in this process. Those that experience headaches or mild nausea do so be cause of dehydration rather than detox symptoms and it can usually be relieved by drinking more pure water.

Those that have a chronic health condition may experience detox symptoms in the form of flu like symptoms that vary in intensity relative to the level of illness or toxicity that is present. For example those who are very toxic from a build up of previous medical treatments, multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, or chronic immune conditions may experience detox symptoms for up to 4 days. Generally in all cases the detox period is followed by really good days that are reported to be better than before the day of therapy. This cycle may continue for multiple sessions until the body is at a level of reduced toxins and no longer causes the intense detox.

Occasionally there are reports of “thick urine”, dark or an odor present, in all cases, if there are detox symptoms present with urination, it will pass in 24 to 48 hours and it has never led to an infection, if a problem persists, then a medical doctor should be consulted as it will not be related to the therapy or detox.

This therapy will not cause diarrhea, it may create more movement of stool, but there will not be any cramping, pain, loose stools or any other bowel related issues. This therapy should not cause a fever or actual illness, if you feel like you have a fever or illness is present please seek medical advice as it is not related to the therapy.

What is the machine doing?

The machine is using an ionic energy field to break up the excess proteins, waste material and toxins that are trapped in the tissues of the body and removing them through the lymphatic system. This is an ultimate cellular detox that reaches areas in the body no other therapy can reach, affecting the immune system in away that no other therapy can. When we clean up the body and the lymphatic system we greatly improve the overall function of the immune system allowing our body to better handle the stress of everyday living and the ability to do its job and protect us from illness.

What causes the tingling sensations?

The machine uses a static energy to create the ionic energy field that we use to detox the body, which causes indirectly static energy all around the body during treatment. This static energy is not harmful in anyway to you receiving the therapy or to the therapist performing the therapy. Static energy will react with moisture in the skin and may cause a tingling sensation; if this occurs you can let your therapist know and he or she will decrease the level of energy being used during the therapy session.

What if I have botox injections?

If you have had botox injections, please let your therapist know. Since this is a therapy designed to clear out the tissues, it will reduce the effectiveness of the botox causing you to need more frequent injections if the area is worked on with the ionic energy field. This is a simple adjustment and receiving the therapy to the body will not affect the site of injection.


Those who may not receive ELT.

The list of contraindications for this therapy is very small and includes:

1.    Any person having an implanted pacemaker and/or defibrillator. This therapy uses a bio-resonant energy field that is very gentle and healing for the tissues of the body, though because this energy moves through the body to achieve the immune system benefits, we cannot take a chance on it interfering with the function of a pace maker.

Note: implanted units like TENS units will need to turned off during the therapy.

2.    Any person having a current issue with blood clots. This therapy is designed specifically to break up proteins that are trapped in the tissues preventing the optimal function of the immune system, and since clots are made up of proteins, we cannot perform the therapy over an area with clots present. Those who have a history of blood clots, and are on blood thinning medications, and are cleared by their doctor as having no clots present in the body may receive the therapy.

3.    Any person with new onset seizures. Those who are well controlled with medications, and have had no recent episodes of seizure are permitted to receive the therapy.

4.    Pregnant women and those who are nursing their babies. It is my personal preference to not use the therapy with these women for this simple reason: during ELT we will be moving potentially decades of built up toxins from the tissues which will be unavoidably fed to the baby either through the cord blood or through mother’s milk. With the American Red Cross release of the report on the cord blood samples, we now know that all babies tested had 287 chemicals present in their blood at birth. I believe the time to detox would ideally be before pregnancy, or when nursing is completed.

5.    Those who are experiencing a chronic medical condition, it is advised that you consult with your medical professional before starting any new program.


Shelly Grant, Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner