Like Us on YouTube!BridgingMountain Spirit Co-Op is grateful and honored to be a part of the Bridging Heaven & Earth series. Recently Dana Cummins was interviewed on the show and two of MSCO’s artists, Kim Gutierrez and Jennifer Price had art pieces featured on the show. Here is the show that aired nationally.

Commercial for the MSCO segment on The Journal that aired nationally in October!

This is the full segment that aired in October 2012.

Documentaries. Rebecca Cutehands was asked to be a part of a documentary series Directed by Craig McMahon and Produced by Craig and Lacy McMahon. In this documentary Craig discusses the controversial idea of our pre-birth plan with Spiritual experts. Is it possible that we intentionally choose to experience hardship and pain for the sole purpose of learning? Check it out on Amazon Prime. Titled: Life to Afterlife; Tragedy by Design, and another titled: Life to Afterlife: The Healers. This documentary offers you powerful information on different types of energy healing and teachings from a panel of healers from around the world. Please support these documentaries by giving them a good review. Thank you.

Move the Body, Quiet the Mind. David is presenting Yoga classes online via Yavapai County Free Library District in the “Move the Body, Quiet the Mind Mini Yoga Sessions” series on Facebook at . Check out David’s YouTube page at David Clay Yoga.

How to Create Positive & Permanent Change: Activating the Magic of MetamorphosisDo you resist change? Discover the steps to move past your resistance to create permanent transformation in your life. Discover the 5 secrets of personal transformation and how to move from the past into your empowered destiny. Spiritual Guide: Michaiel Patrick Bovenes. Experience Michaiel’s free class: