Mastering Money Mindset with Dani Yanssens

Dani will share about how mindfulness is being aware of the present moment, without judgment of expectations. By practicing being present, we are able to avoid being swept into the media-driven emphasis on consumption and the continuous drive for more money and things, which never lead to sustainable happiness. Focus on simple, disciplined financial behaviors that have long-term impacts on our lives, and you can expect less anxiety, enjoy better outcomes, and earn your happiness dividends.

Celeste Holly offers a Zoom 6 Week Session of Gentle Yoga classes on Tuesday evenings.

Here is a sample of one of her yoga classes on Zoom. Check the MSCO Facebook page or the MSCO Website under the Newsletter for dates and times!

Here is the magic mixer video from our gathering from Wednesday, February 8, 2023. Elizabeth was amazing and we are so grateful for all she had to share on health and longevity. Her closing meditation came from a place of grace! Thank you, Elizabeth!

A Glimpse into the Mysterious World of the Tarot

“Tarot can be very mysterious and quite intimidating to anyone who is unfamiliar with this method of insight. JoLynn showed us some easy ways to begin looking at the cards and explain how you might jump in and get some answers for yourself. When you don’t have the time or money to go to a professional, she gives you some options to glean quick answers to your own immediate questions. She shows that the cards are not as intimidating as they may seem. We find out how to get started on your own tarot journey right now.”

Bridging Heaven & Earth series

Mountain Spirit Co-Op is grateful and honored to be a part of the Bridging Heaven & Earth series. Recently Dana Cummins was interviewed on the show and two of MSCO’s artists, Kim Gutierrez and Jennifer Price had art pieces featured on the show. Here is the show that aired nationally.

The Journal

Dana Cummins was interviewed on The Journal along with two of MSCO’s artists, Kim Gutierrez and Jennifer Price had art pieces featured on the show. This is the show that aired nationwide.

The Journal

Commercial for the MSCO segment on The Journal that aired nationally in October!

Documentaries. Rebecca Cutehands was asked to be a part of a documentary series Directed by Craig McMahon and Produced by Craig and Lacy McMahon. In this documentary Craig discusses the controversial idea of our pre-birth plan with Spiritual experts. Is it possible that we intentionally choose to experience hardship and pain for the sole purpose of learning? Check it out on Amazon Prime. Titled: Life to Afterlife; Tragedy by Design, and another titled: Life to Afterlife: The Healers. This documentary offers you powerful information on different types of energy healing and teachings from a panel of healers from around the world. Please support these documentaries by giving them a good review. Thank you.

Elizabeth Hyer-Rose videos