LeeAnn Romine

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LeeAnn Romine has 35 years of experience as a Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, Founder of Soul Radiance Activation™ method, Founder of Mapmakers Academy™, Certified Business Coach, Certified Theta Practitioner, Author  She is an Elite Spiritual Advisor specializing in consciously creating your own reality. She has worked in the world of metaphysics ...Read More

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Carole Sainte-Marie

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TAROT READER CRYSTAL LOVER WISDOM SEEKER WRITER  Carole Sainte-Marie is living in Montreal, Quebec.  Born Sagittarius, she mostly worked in the travel industry while still experiencing, on different levels, many lives within one due to the variety of her interests, experiences, and having pursued other professional careers as well. The beauty ...Read More

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Gretchen Eelon Vorbeck

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Gretchen lives in Clarkdale, Arizona. Gretchen is the founder of Roundtable Leadership. Her expertise: Leadership Mentor, Team Builder and Trans-Party-Activator. Gretchen’s techniques enhance clients' willingness, choice and ability to work in unison while maintaining their individuality and uniqueness. Gretchen is the author of Mother, I'm Part of the Sky. You can ...Read More

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Dana Cummins

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• Intuitive Guide • Spiritual Counselor • Minister • Teacher • Healer • Universal Peace Ambassador I am the dreamer and founder of Mountain Spirit Co-Op and President of the non-profit Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center AKA: MsHec3 Project and an intuitive guide, spiritual counselor/minister with a lifetime of experience ...Read More

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Rebecca Cutehands

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ARTIST Rev. Rebecca Cutehands creates Native American Artwork that is intuitively inspired by Spirit. Her expressions of art include prayer fans, spirit masks, dream catchers, walking sticks, spirit rattles, medicine bags, instant altars, healing wands, personal medicine shields, and more. Each piece is made with intention, and all materials and tools ...Read More

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Teri Hitt

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Hi, I'm Teri. I offer Website Design, Graphic Design and Video/Film Editing. I'm also a Musician and Author. I consider all creation an act of co-creation with the Universe. Nothing is created in a vacuum. You are the one you've been waiting for. WORDPRESS WEBSITES ...Read More

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