James Knochel is a wanderer who collects forgotten common-sense bits of wisdom that help people improve their lives. The body’s subtle energy systems serve as the blueprints for our physical experience. Edgar Cayce often stated this principle as “spirit is the life, mind is the builder, physical is the result.” The most important aspect of regeneration is restoring the metabolism. Energetic imbalance are the most fundamental impediments to the useful conversion of food into useful energy. James was guided to build his own version of Edgar Cayce’s Radial Appliance because he was unable to sleep well. This device uses the vibrations of chilled carbon steel to balance and harmonize the body’s subtle energy fields like nothing else. It is a potent aid to meditation, and brings “rest to the weary.” James ships these around the world, and has received glowing feedback from many customers. Phobias respond very quickly to interventions including energy psychology, or “acupressure for the emotions.” On a flight he was once seated next to a stranger who didn’t get her usual pre-flight drink in. She said that flying was okay, it was the take-offs and landings that really bothered her. But the landing on that flight was just fine. Addictions tend to be more complicated, but can resolve quickly too. James’s clients have successfully worked through alcohol addiction, as well as destructive addictions to hard drugs.

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