Robin Bersson ~ Mind, Body, Spirit Revolution & Kid’s Revolution. Contact: (305) 79S9-3044 [email protected]
Classes: Five Day Hero Quest: Activating the 12 Hero’s in You. Coming soon to Zoom. $297 value for a $97 donation to Kids Revolution at Contact Robin at (305) 799-3044

Kerry Carrillo ~ Classes: Five Day Hero Quest: Activating the 12 Hero’s in You. Coming soon to Zoom. $297 value for a $97 donation to Kids Revolution at Contact Robin at (305) 799-304.  Contact: [email protected] or (928) 925-3765 Private and group classes are available on request.

Prescott Area Artist Studio Art Tour – Oct 6th, 7th & 8th, Artist: Kerry Carrillo / My Mind’s Eye Creations, Stained Glass Demonstration and Sale
Classes: Organic (Non-Traditional) Stained Glass Nightlights – November 18th, Offered to anyone that has completed my prerequisite glass class. Teacher: Kerry Carrillo. For more information:

Dana Cummins ~ Metaphysical & Spiritual Adventures & Healing. Contact: [email protected] or (928) 420-2109.
Classes:Metaphysics, Manifesting, Meditation & Ceremonies are available. 

Rev. RebeccaCutehands ~ IndigenousHealer, Teacher and Ceremonialist. Individual and group teachings, ceremonies, weddings, home, and land blessings. Contact: (928) 499-4128 [email protected]
Ceremonies: Winter Solstice Celebration and Medicine Bag Ceremony – December. Thursday 21st and Saturday 23rd from 5:30pm to 9pm. We will be sitting in ceremony together honoring the time of deep shadow. As we celebrate our longest day of darkness we will be choosing our next medicine bag that we will carry into the new year. We will fill it with sacred offerings of herbs, stones, animals medicine, oils and prayers. This year’s ceremonies will be all about the Stars. So let us sit in the sacred circle and connect with our friends who rest above in the canvas of night. Spiritual Guide: Rebecca Cutehands. Cost:$100. Location: The Playground Ranch, Dewey, AZ. Medicine bags and all sacred offerings are included. To RSVP call Rebecca at (928) 499-4128. Food and refreshments offered after ceremony.
Ongoing Classes: Munay-Ki Rites, Medicine Wheel Teachings, Fire that Burns at Your Heart, Water Blessing and Balancing Ceremony.

Joseph Daniel Drew ~ Several Modalities of Energy Work, Reflexology, and Space Clearing. Contact: (928) 830-4030. [email protected]. Prescott, AZ

Teri Hitt ~ Website Design, Graphic Design, Video/Film Editing, Musician and Author.
Contact: [email protected]
Products: Find her books and album on her bio page in the above link.

Marie Howell ~ Holy Mother Art, Divine Feminine Unique and Eclectic Creations.
Contact: [email protected] or (623) 980-9886
Classes: Cosmic Smashbooking & Goddess Art Classes
Products: Goddess Art some shown on slideshow.

Cindy Holt ~ Reiki, Aromatherapist, RN, Energy Work, Biodynamic Cranialsacral, Silva Method, Ceremonies, Medical Intuition, Emotional Release & much more. Contact: (928) 273-8576
Classes: Aromatherapy, Silva Method, Guided Imagery, Clearing & Cleansing & more.

Celeste Holly ~ Intuitive Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master & Jewelry Artist. Reiki Master, Chakra Alignment, Yoga and Jewelry Classes. Celeste Holly is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and 85 hour and prenatal yoga instructor, 20-hour trauma yoga trained and Y12SR yoga certified (12 Step Recovery Yoga for addicts and those affected by addiction). Celeste is a certified Usui Reiki Master with over 10 years of experience. Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of everything in life. Reiki offers healing health benefits for stress reduction, relaxation, and aids in better sleep. It allows a natural trigger for the body’s organic healing abilities and improves and maintains health. Celeste also has over 10 years of experience in teaching jewelry making. She is currently offering Reiki by appointment. She is also offering Reiki Trainings and Jewelry classes on scheduled dates at Higher Power Yoga and Wellness, 550 S. Montezuma, Prescott, AZ. Contact: [email protected] or (920) 858-2966 to register.
Classes: Reiki III Saturday, December 2nd, 9 am -1 pm Cost: $75. Location: Higher Power Yoga and Wellness, 550 S. Montezuma, Prescott, AZ
Classes: Spirit Wand Class Date: Saturday, January 20, 2024. Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Location: Higher Power Yoga and Wellness, 550 S. Montezuma, Prescott, AZ. Cost: $55.00. We will create a spirit wand from sticks collected from their natural environment. Each stick will be unique in its creation using paint, beads, semi-precious stones, feathers, charms and more. As you create you can add in your positive intentions to charge your wand for personal use. 

Gentle Yoga with Celeste Celeste Holly will offer one-hour Zoom classes on Tuesdays for a six-week period: January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and February 6, 2024. We will explore gentle yoga, restorative postures, and meditation. Donation of $5 recommended. Zoom link:
Reiki Certification and Jewelry beading are available on request. 

Kristi Judy ~ Empowerment Coach & Magical Conduit
Contact: (928) 713-5540 [email protected].
Classes: Relief from Grief, Circadian Fitness, EAV Testing of foods, supplements, etc., Life Empowerment Training, Energy Safety Education & More.

JoLynn Maas ~ Spiritual Counseling & Tarot Reader
Contact: [email protected] or call(480)227-7287.
Classes: Tarot, Ceremony & Spirituality upon request.

Vesna Matic ~ Physiologist, Transformational Counselor, Pranic Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Director, Passion Test Facilitator, Spiritual Travel Guide. Contact: Vesna at (928) 244-5998 [email protected]

Jach Pursel ~ Metaphysician, Author, Channel for Lazaris. Contact: [email protected]

Elizabeth Hyer Rose ~ Quantum Healer and Channel.
Contact: [email protected] or (323) 553-2307 (call or text)

LeeAnn Romine ~ Psychic Spiritual Mentor. Entrepreneurial success mentorship, psychic readings, Theta healing, Beyond Quantum work. Contact (304)483-6720 or [email protected]

Janis Rosin ~ Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Oil Alchemist, Author, Reiki Master.
Contact: [email protected], (431) 336-3679,
Products: Oil Blends, Perfumes & Skin Care.

Carole Sainte-Marie, Wisdom seeker, Tarot teacher and consultant, author and editor.
Contact email [email protected] or As of January, Carole will offer short Tarot consultations and spiritual guidance. For info: [email protected] – mentioning Tarot as subject. 

Dani Yanssens ~ Transformational Coach, Skilled Money Mindset Guide.
Contact: (586) 549-7300 or [email protected]
Classes: Financial Freedom & Money Mindset.