Robin Bersson ~ Mind, Body, Spirit Revolution & Kid’s Revolution.
Contact: (305) 79S9-3044 [email protected]

Kerry Carrillo ~ Stained Glass and Mixed Media Workshops.
Contact: [email protected] or (928) 925-3765
Private and group classes are available on request.

Classes: Tissue Paper Luminarias & Bowls. June 24th, Cost $110.
Organize (Non-Traditional) Stained Glass. August 26th & 27th Cost $220, all tools & supplies included.

Dana Cummins ~ Metaphysical & Spiritual Adventures & Healing. Contact: [email protected] or (928) 420-2109.
Classes: Metaphysics, Manifesting, Meditation & Ceremonies are available.

Rev. Rebecca Cutehands ~ Indigenous Healer, Teacher and Ceremonialist. Individual and group teachings, ceremonies, weddings, home, and land blessings.
Contact: (928) 499-4128 [email protected]
Ceremonies: Summer Solstice. Wednesday, June 21st, from 11 am-3 pm. Cost $100
Pachamama Celebration. Tuesday, August 1st, from 11 am-3 pm. Free
Ongoing Classes: Munay-Ki Rites, Medicine Wheel Teachings, Fire that Burns at Your Heart, Water Blessing and Balancing Ceremony. A complete list is on our website.

Joseph Daniel Drew ~ Several Modalities of Energy Work, Reflexology, and Space Clearing.
Contact (928) 830-4030. [email protected] Prescott, AZ

Teri Hitt ~ Website Design, Graphic Design, Video/Film Editing, Musician and Author.
Contact: [email protected]
Products: Find her books and album on her bio page in the above link.

Marie Howell ~ Holy Mother Art, Divine Feminine Unique and Eclectic Creations.
Contact: [email protected] or (623) 980-9886
Classes: Cosmic Smashbooking & Goddess Art Classes
Products: Goddess Art some shown on slideshow.

Cindy Holt ~ Reiki, Aromatherapist, RN, Energy Work, Biodynamic Cranialsacral, Silva Method, Ceremonies, Medical Intuition, Emotional Release & much more.
Contact: (928) 273-8576
Classes: Aromatherapy, Silva Method, Guided Imagery, Clearing & Cleansing & more.

Celeste Holly ~ Intuitive Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master & Jewelry Artist.
Contact: [email protected] or (920) 858-2966
Classes: Zoom yoga is on hiatus for June & July.
Please visit our YouTube channel for two free gentle yoga classes by Celeste.
Classes: Reiki Certification and Jewelry beading are available on request.

Kristi Judy ~ Empowerment Coach & Magical Conduit
Contact: (928) 713-5540 [email protected].
Classes: Relief from Grief, Circadian Fitness, EAV Testing of foods, supplements, etc., Life Empowerment Training, Energy Safety Education & More.

Sharon Kelley ~ Facilitates healing with Sound, Reiki and Neuro-Linguistic Coaching.
Contact: [email protected].(970) 376-0671 or
Classes: Reiki level one and sound therapy available upon request.

JoLynn Maas ~ Spiritual Counseling & Tarot Reader
Contact: [email protected] or call(480)227-7287.
Classes: Tarot, Ceremony & Spirituality upon request.

Vesna Matic ~ Physiologist, Transformational Counselor, Pranic Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Director, Passion Test Facilitator, Spiritual Travel Guide.
Contact: Vesna at (928) 244-5998 [email protected]

Jach Pursel ~ Metaphysician, Author, Channel for Lazaris. Contact: [email protected]

Elizabeth Hyer Rose ~ Quantum Healer and Channel.
Contact: [email protected] or (323) 553-2307 (call or text)

Janis Rosin ~ Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Oil Alchemist, Author, Reiki Master.
Contact: [email protected], (431) 336-3679,
Products: Oil Blends, Perfumes & Skin Care.

Jion Sommer ~ Living Proof Naturally offers Reiki & Meditation teaching, Whole Food Plant-based Nutrition Certified Professional, Center for Nutritional Studies.
Contact: (928) 830-6888. [email protected]

Dani Yanssens ~ Transformational Coach, Skilled Money Mindset Guide.
Contact: (586) 549-7300 or [email protected]
Classes on Financial Freedom & Money Mindset.