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Mountain Spirit Co-Op is a transformational healing center that consists of an intuitive art gallery, an alternative healing clinic, and a spiritual educational center. It’s located in the heart of downtown Prescott in Northern Arizona and has over 30 in-house members from a variety of different backgrounds and training. We are now in our 9th year. Read more


August Featured Members ~ Jodi Maas & Mike Maas

September Featured and Founding Member ~ Dana Cummins

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Extended Membership Program takes off…
and so do Dana and Lisa

As many of you have seen on our Facebook page (facebook.com/mountain.coop) Dana and Lisa have been traveling throughout California and Oregon meeting amazing and wonderful business owners from hotels, spas, rock stores, metaphysical stores and restaurants to share the Co-Op dream and promote extended member partnerships. This program has been so well received that we are preparing for more traveling adventures, and eagerly anticipating meeting even more amazing people. Star Beings, we are coming for you! We have several sacred sites already on the itinerary and will be visiting as many as we can. Though we are pretty much booked through the end of this year with our travels through Arizona (Chaco Canyon & Canyon de Chelly on September 23 for the Fall Equinox, contact Dana or Lisa a the numbers below if you would like to join in), California, Colorado and Guatemala; we ask for and welcome ideas from you! We would like to visit your town, worship at your sacred places, meet with you and schedule events for the following year. We’ll be bringing our videographer to document ceremonies, new members, their businesses and can’t wait to report back on our journeys! For $50/month, you can become an extended member and become a part of a conscious organization working for peace and healing on earth. To find our pricing guide for memberships and advertising please click here. If you have any questions about the membership, please contact our Membership Administrator, Lisa Hyman at (201) 787-7152 or Co-Founder, Dana Cummins at (928) 420-2109. We look forward to hearing from you and expanding our light together.

Anasazi ruins at Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Anasazi ruins at Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

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BWsignlogoBlack Wings Fine Art is on display and ready for you to come in and check it out. If you would like to meet and greet Mike and Jodi Maas, make sure to attend their
Grand Opening Celebration, Friday, August 22nd from 5pm-8pm.

Doing Good in Our Community

butterflyMountain Spirit Co-Op began over eight years ago as a group of artist, intuitives and practitioners. We have grown to now include a lending library, yoga studio, conference room and several practitioner rooms. Our goal is to bring more love, healing and joy to this world, through sharing our talents and gifts. If you are doing good in your community and want to share your gifts and talents on our website, please click on the following link to become an extended member. Our goal is to have extended members doing good in there community all over the globe. Together, for a small amount we can cultivate greater advertisement then what most of us can do on our own. And at the same time create a website that connects people doing good in their communities all over the world.

It doesn’t matter what the good is that you are doing in your community, just that you are working for positive benefits for those around you with harm to none. You can be for profit or non profit. Non-profit organizations get a reduced rate and must provide their 501c3 number for verification. Come, join us in becoming a part of something that is bound to be greater than any of us individually. Let’s work together regardless of religion, race, politics, or gender. Let’s show the world that with willingness and joy we can work together and create an abundance of wellness for ourselves and those around us.

Donations Gratefully Accepted …

flowerThe Yoga Studio is requesting donations of yoga mats/straps/etc and will offer free classes in exchange. Thank you. For more info call MSCO at (928) 445-8545. MSCO is accepting donations of gently used furniture for our conference room for your meditative pleasure!

Since the beginning of MSCO, almost nine years ago, our doors have always been open to everyone, not concerning ourselves with race, color, belief, political opinion, religion or intimate preference. Our understanding is that whatever Source created humanity would not have created Earth, with billions of individuals sharing this planet, just to separate us. Most of the chaos happening in the world is because we live in judgment of one another.

As we continue to hold space for the right of everyone’s opinion, we are reminding everyone that the human kingdom is filled with many similarities and many differences, which in reality gives us a chance to learn and perceive different beliefs, cultures, food, clothing, shelter, faith and so much more. We believe that it is time to experience wise judgment, let go of blame and anger from the past and live joyfully and healthy in the moment of each day. As human beings, we are so much more then we can even imagine. Let us take the opportunity to learn and grow from history and not repeat patterns that only create war and separation. We are the Stewards of our own happiness! Let us embrace one another for future footsteps to free humanity from control and conformity, and bring it into a perception that is light and loving.

MSCO has created a sticker EVERYBODY’S WELCOME, to start this Campaign of Compassion. If you would like to support this, please come in and purchase one for $3, or by mail for $4 and we will send it to you. Please call (928) 445-8545 for info.