Vesna Matic has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a LMLP (Licensed Master’s Level Psychologist), and is a certified Integral Health Practitioner which encompasses both Eastern and Western psychologies and philosophies. The combined education and disciplines have opened doors to Vesna becoming a Transformational Counselor, PranicHealer, Shaman, Spiritual Director, Passion Test Facilitator, Reverend and a certified
Constellations Facilitator.

Vesna has developed several pathways for personal therapy that integrate the science of mental health and the dimension of the humanspirit to address the full spectrum of the human experience.

Vesna has several approaches for therapeutic counseling. She provides one-on-one sessions in an office or home setting for comfort and security. In an adventurous exploration of multi-level healing, Vesna has taken her diverse spiritual experiences to offer clients international tours to ancient and sacred sites for participation in cultural traditions as a Journey Guide under Visions for Life.


Through ceremonies with Shamans of the Amazon Rainforest and Incan traditions; the spiritual masters of Nepal and Bhutan; and the foundational mysticism of ancient Europe; these journeys have sparked deep emotional healing and inspired new and expansive motivation to live life with great purpose and joy for participants who seek the full connection of body, mind and spirit.

Along with the other things I do, I also work with plant medicines (rapeh and ayahusasca). I recently became a distributor of CBD. The name of the company is FTR (Feel The Reaction). I’m very excited about this company due to its philosophy and how the hemp is grown and extracted. This is my link:

This is the link for the video interview with Tony and Dr. Michael Binder regarding FTR: and Dr. Binder Video.mp4

Vesna M Matic

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