Neurofeedback – A Healthy Way to Change Your Brain!

Barbara S. Fisher of Clearview Therapeutic Resources in Atlanta, Georgia completes a brain scan procedure, called a Quantitative EEG that identifies brain wave dysfunctions, that can lead to debilitating physical (movement, muscle relaxation, right and left side ambulatory functioning, migraines, epilepsy, etc. and emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, word retrieval and declaration, as well as memory issues, etc.  This brain scan report identifies basic problems within the individual brain, that can then be remediated by using the non-invasive neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is based on operant conditioning and retrains (rewires) the brain for normalcy.  

The Quantitative EEG is completed by me in person at your residence. I then send the report digitally to the world class organization-Brain Science International to be read and thoroughly analyzed. A report with this analysis is returned to me with the extremely scientific and precise findings for the individual’s brain. As part of this thorough report, Neurofeedback protocols are designed to correct these problems. A small Brain Master machine is placed in the home to complete and monitor this neurofeedback. It is attached to your PC. 

I have doing this same process for well over 20 years using these scientific, sophisticated brain scans (Quantitative EEG’s) to provide accurate in-home neurofeedback for clients of all ages, locations, and types of impairments. (It works great, is noninvasive, and corrects the problems permanently at the source-the brain.) I only make one in person visit, as everything else can be done in mobile fashion. I can be reached via phone at 404-271-5350 and/or email at This is an extremely organic, futuristic, and easy way to heal. 

— Barbara S. Fisher

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