Gertie Miles

I am a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient Medium. I have worked in the spiritual world my whole life, even before I knew how to label it. That could be because I don’t like labels of any kind; especially applied to human beings. I love that I can be of service by being an instrument of guidance for others, especially when a loved one has crossed over who wants to communicate with a loved one left to complete their journey on earth, it brings peace and joy to those family members like nothing else and shows me my purpose. In my life I have been many things—a mother, grandmother, business owner, and teacher. I taught classes in spiritual development at Yavapai College for 14 years and also taught psychic development classes privately. I have had a radio show as well as television show and written a column. I have traveled and especially enjoyed backpacking in both Europe and India. Now, I enjoy being available for my clients, family, and friends. I love chocolate, coffee, and dancing, but nothing equals the joy I experience in what I do.

I am available for readings either in person or by telephone and can be reached at (928) 771-9496 or for appointments.