Frances Ulman, PhD

• Himalayan Singing Bowl Sessions
• Spirit Communication
• Energy Clearings
• Reiki

I bring people (and sometimes animals) greater peace, harmony and balance in their lives with the help of Spirit. Combining rigorous training with intuitive guidance, I offer many practices. All my practices at their core seek to bring you more clarity, peace and joy in your life.

I am a certified Himalayan singing bowl practitioner. Using my singing bowls imported from Nepal, individual sessions are personalized with the setting of your intentions. These sessions clear energy blockages, ground, align the energy body, and revitalize the spirit. I am a certified Reiki master. I use Reiki in many of my sessions but do not offer Reiki only appointments. I am certified in crystal healing. Like Reiki, I often use crystals in the work I do. I am also a Spirit communicator. Spirit communication sessions really need to be experienced to be understood. No two sessions with me are a like. It’s sometimes a surprise even for me what comes in. Bring your questions. We will see who comes to answer. Open to the experience.

Previously, I worked as a clinical psychologist. I received my doctorate from Vanderbilt University and completed a post-doc at UNC-Chapel Hill.

• Individual Himalayan Singing Bowl Session with Intuitive Feedback, 60 min — $80
• Chakra Balancing and Energy Clearing with Intuitive Feedback (various techniques may be used including Reiki, crystals and singing bowls),
90 min — $135
• Spirit Connection Session, 60 min — $135,
90 – 120 min — $170
• Mentorship or Consultation, 60 min — $90,
90 min —$125

Appointments available at my space, by phone, Skype or your home (add $25 for a home visit)

Looking for a different service? Just ask. Not all of my services are listed here.

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
Email or call (602) 517-7208.