Crossing Over: 5 Keys to Unlock Painless Transitions in Your Life

During this year so many of us have faced a crossroad regarding our future. It happens usually during mid-life which can turn into a crisis or a celebration depending on how you make new choices and align with the future. It is during these times that we have an opportunity to change. Some people choose to remain unconscious and pass right through a crossroad of life without knowing of such opportunity that can come if they were to change the direction in which they are going.

What exactly is a crossroad in life? 

It is an intersection of opportunity to change and to create more success, love, and joy in our lives. They represent an opportunity to explore new territory in any area of our lives. It also represents a challenge to go into the unknown and to try something different. A different approach to the way we live our lives. A crossroads always brings transition. A letting go of what was to embrace and reach for what will be. One thing is for certain if you choose to change directions in your life, a crossroad of choice, challenge, and the transition will be just around the bend.

Times of transition are like crossing a bridge that is too high to see what lies on the other side. You know you are moving forward but haven’t traveled long enough to reach the peak of the bridge to glimpse the new territory you are about to enter.

Transitioning from the past to the future, involve letting go of the familiar to embrace the unfamiliar.

It means stepping with trust in yourself and others, your spirituality, and the world to be there to guide and direct you. Transition is a time of great challenge to stretch you to become more of who we are.

First key is knowing that chaos is always a part of transition. 

To make any transition easier is to realize what to expect during these challenging times. Learn how to relate to chaos and understanding that it is the creator of change and inevitable will help lessen your fears. When we feel chaos, we often think we are doing something wrong. When you realize chaos is going to be there, you can anticipate rather than procrastinate.

Chaos interrupts our peace of mind and often our stability for a while, but it is a necessary key to unlock positive transitions in your life.

To successfully move through a transition, you must enter chaos and remain grounded. We usually try to push chaos over the bridge, rather than taking its hand and walking together, side-by-side, until the chaos of change releases its fear and transforms into enthusiasm and excitement. Joy emerges when we challenge ourselves to become more, joy is a chaotic feeling.

Second key is practicing patience. 

Transitions always involve time to get from one side of the bridge to the other, and patience becomes a beautiful ally. We can’t force transition any more than we can force a pan of water just placed on a stove to instantly boil; it takes time. Be patient! Breathe, meditate, journal, and learn to relax during these times will augment the patience you’ll need to move forward into the unknown with confidence and trust.

Third key is that of choice. 

Positive transition emerges out of conscious choice; negative changes are absent of choice and involve crisis instead. What can you choose during a time of transition when you face an unknown about your future? You can decide how you are going to BE in the future and start practicing it NOW!

Who are you going to be, Powerful & successful or Disempowered & struggling?

These choices of being are essential to define during transition. If you look beneath the surface, every transition involves changing your state of being to become more. Who you are becoming is always a choice. Even if you don’t know where you are going, decide now that you will be confident, loving, and empowered, right now! Create a To-Be list as well as your To-Do list. 

Fourth key is challenge.

The crossroads of transition challenges you to your destiny and fate. It challenges you to face your fears and move beyond them into greater love. Transition is about taking a new step toward more love, passion, and responsibility in your life. Accept the challenge of becoming more and manifesting your destiny.

Fifth key is a Willingness to Vulnerable.

We respect and honor others who open their hearts and are vulnerable and authentic. Yet we dread doing it our selves. It always causes our ego to squirm. It takes courage to be and express yourself openly and honestly. It’s necessary to summons the courage of vulnerability to create positive and permanent change in your life. It takes courage to admit who you are and what you’d like to do in the world.

Vulnerability is the final key toward making positive transitions in your life. The unknown is about moving outside of your comfort zones and exploring new potentials and opportunities. Know that you can do it, as you take one step at a time into the future you desire to create for yourself.

These five keys offer you the secrets for a positive transition. Which future you will land upon is based upon how you consciously participate during your time of transition. You don’t have to wait until you get to the top of the bridge to see what is on the other side before you choose to be powerful and responsible.

During times of chaos and when facing the unknown, you can choose to be patient rather than panicked, and trusting versus insecure. You can learn to embrace your challenge of becoming a more powerful person. The choices you make now will ultimately determine what is on the other side of the bridge!

— Michaiel Bovenes

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