Barbara Swicegood Fisher

• Transformative Spiritual Pioneer
• Psychotherapist

• Author
• International Presenter
• Metaphysician
• Teacher

Barbara Swicegood Fisher, LPC is the creator of two important healing programs…Brain Healing and Heart Healing Resources.

Barbara has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Political Science and a Masters degree in counseling Psychology.

She is the co-author of two books – Moving through Change with Grace and Stuck in the Yuck. Both books focus on healing from depression, anxiety, and pain. She has authored and co authored many articles focusing on healing early childhood trauma that often takes place in the adoptive world and is labeled as Reactive Attachment Disorder. She has co published research regarding neurofeedback, trauma, and healing.

She is an international speaker, presenter and therapist, having worked for over 15 years with a very specific and traumatized population.

More importantly, Barbara is a metaphysician, an astrologer, a healer and a cosmic and spiritual advisor. She has studied all over the world to learn about resonance, abundance, health, manifestation, divine healing, and the transformative awareness of “creating our own reality” by blending science and spirituality.

Growth, healing, compassion, love and service to humankind have always been at the forefront of her focus and consciousness. These two programs have been developed to assist in moving through chaos to create and allow a life filled with love and joy.

If you are suffering from divorce, death of a loved one, financial issues, job or relationship difficulties, respond to this calling for a new you and a new world.

You will receive cutting edge tools and techniques, so that you can create a new image and beliefs, and raise your conscious awareness.

You belong and you are invited. Come!

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