Toria Hungerford

I am a storyteller; weaving words with my imagination, memory, and emotion, in hopes to create a beloved and inspiring tale.

I began writing poetry (mostly about my connection to nature) in grade school and unknowingly learned to use my creativity to connect with Source, Divine Helpers, and Spirits in Nature. Using creativity to connect with the Divine came easily and intuitively to me, as if it was embedded into my DNA… because it is! This sacred process was practiced by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Please see my page under Teaching for more info or contact me about these classes.

Today, I am an Indie Author of two “magic realism” children’s books called, “The Great Whale Star” and “The Pink Poodle”. I am working on two other children’s books currently and hope to have them published soon. 

“The Great Whale Star” is a story about the friendship between a whale and a human. It reflects the wise indigenous ways of our ancestors globally, respecting and honoring Mother Nature, as well as loving and protecting it.  

“The Pink Poodle” is a story I wrote that explores what life and love might look like, through the eyes of a little dog. We can learn so much from dogs: how to love unconditionally, how to forgive genuinely, and how to explore the world with deep curiosity and a fearlessness. It was important for me to tell a tale that reflects the beautiful mysteries in life and most mysterious of all, the power of love: that it knows no boundaries, it heals the deepest wounds, and it comes in all colors.