Animal Communication

Years ago Ginny experienced two Near-Death Experiences and her life and perspectives have been significantly impacted by these events. As a result she expressed multiple intuitive abilities including the ability to communicate with plants and animals. Throughout her career Ginny has successfully blended animal communication and her intuitive abilities to mitigate confusing behavior issues and the energetic traces of trauma caused by abuse and/or neglect.

Ginny’s primary focus is to assist people, as well as animals, in the energetic release of cellular memories and emotions attached to past traumas. She seeks to support the owner/caretaker and the animal in the formation of a closer bond through the development of a deeper understanding. A session with Ginny will not only provide you with an opportunity to better understand your animal, it will also open a space for you to grow, heal and form new mindsets as well.

Often times clients make requests to work with more than one animal in a one hour session. Although it is common for a person’s deceased animals to come forward and share messages which she is happy to relay, her policy is to honor ONE living animal at a time.

Most of the animals Ginny works with have experienced trauma at some point in their lives and this approach ensures we allow time for an authentic connection between the animal and Ginny. This facilitates trust, emotional healing, and meaningful conversation which provides answers to questions from the human caretaker. Therefor, the minimum session offered is 50 minutes. This affords clients an experience they will always remember and allows adequate time for intellectual/situational validation as well.

Your experience with Ginny will most likely challenge the “norms” of other traditional animal communication and healing professionals that you might be aware of.

Ginny Jablonski

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To schedule a session, or for additional information and research on this topic please see our website at page which provides quite a bit of information about Ginny and her work, testimonials and includes the Code of Ethics Ginny abides by.

Ginny does not provide grief counseling or lost animal services. She does not claim an ability to heal any issues which require psychiatric or medical/veterinary interventions.

Ginny Jablonski
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